Collision Repair

<h1>Collision Repair</h1>

Mid-Missouri’s Preferred Collision Repair Service

At Kemna Collision, we understand just how emotional and stressful the time following an auto collision can be for all who are involved. We also know that your vehicle is oftentimes one of your most prized possessions. Taking this into consideration, we take special care in ensuring that each of our client’s vehicles are returned to their original state, or better, by the time our technicians are finished performing collision repair services. We work diligently to provide victims of collision with exceptional results in a timely manner. Our goal- to get both you and your vehicle back on the road in no time!

How do we perform such miraculous collision repairs?

Our Strategic Collision Repair Process

Kemna Collision has been practicing repairs in Mid-Missouri since 2006. In our more than twelve years of expertise in collision repair services, we have developed an extremely efficient repair process that guarantees consistency in delivering the best possible results. By following our calculated process and strategically tailoring it to meet the specific needs of each vehicle, we are able to ensure efficient time management, meet set budgets, and promise excellent work to each of our valued customers.


When your vehicle arrives at Kemna Collision in Jefferson City, its first stop is our repair shop. Here, it will undergo a detailed inspection by one of our technicians to ensure that the proper steps are at each stage of the repair process.



After a thorough evaluation of your car’s current condition and needs, our team will break down the areas impacted by collision. At this point, our technicians will carefully perform all scheduled repairs while checking for any additional damages.



Once the repair is complete, your vehicle will be sent to our custom paint shop to begin the refinishing process. Your vehicle will be primed and prepped for a fresh coat of paint that is guaranteed to be the exact same color as the original. When it’s good and ready, the paint will be professionally applied and cured.



Next, your vehicle will return to the hands of our seasoned technicians at the Kemna Collision repair shop who will reassemble it to perfect form.


Inspect (again)

At this point in the collision repair process, your vehicle should look as good as new. But that doesn’t mean that we’re finished. To ensure that each and every repair to your vehicle has been performed correctly, we perform a second close inspection. This is the time where we make our finishing touches to its appearance and test that it is perfectly safe to put back on the road.


Wash and Return

Finally, your vehicle will visit the wash bay where it is thoroughly washed and cleaned before returning it to its proud and rightful owner.


Your satisfaction, guaranteed!

At Kemna Collision, our technicians practice perfectionism and make sure that your vehicle is returned as good as new. We take great pride and responsibility in the trust that’s placed in us to rehab each and every vehicle that enters our doors. Contact the experienced and attentive team at Kemna Collision Repair if your car has suffered damage.

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