Collision Repair

<h1>Collision Repair</h1>

Mid-Missouri’s Preferred Collision Repair Facility

At Kemna Collision, we understand just how stressful the time following an accident can be. We also know that your vehicle is a big part of everyday life and is oftentimes one of your most prized possessions. Taking this into consideration, we take special care in ensuring that each of our customers vehicles are returned to pre-accident condition as quickly as possible. We work diligently with all insurance companies to provide our customers with a safe, high quality repair.

Our Strategic Collision Repair Process

Kemna Collision has been performing repairs in Mid-Missouri since 2006. In our more than thirteen years of providing collision repair services, we have developed an efficient repair process that guarantees consistency in delivering the safest and best possible results. By following our calculated process and strategically tailoring it to meet the specific needs of each vehicle, we are able to ensure the best possible repair every time.

Initial Inspection

When your vehicle arrives at Kemna Collision, one of our estimators will inspect your car with you and write a detailed estimate outlining the repairs needed. Then, we will work with you and your insurance company to get the repairs started.


Scheduling and Parts Ordering

Once the initial estimate is completed, we will then determine what the best repair process is for you; Whether that is to leave the damaged car and get a rental or set up a time that works best for you to bring your vehicle for repairs. Once scheduled, we will get all parts ordered and have them ready before your car is dropped off.



After a thorough evaluation of your cars current condition and needs, our team will break down the areas impacted by collision. During this time we will “mirror match” all parts to ensure they are correct and address any issues or additional damage. Next, our technicians will perform all scheduled repairs.



Once the body repair is complete, your vehicle will go to our certified refinish technicians to begin the paint process. Your vehicle will be prepped for painting and the paint matching process. The paint matching process will be completed using the latest tools, training, and technology. Which allows us to guarantee the match to the original finish of your car.


Reassembly and Tests

After refinish, your vehicle will move to the main body shop for reassembly. When your car has been reassembled, we do a final “light check” to be sure all of the cars lights and turn signals are performing correctly. Finally, we perform all safety checks and do a live road test for each vehicle to check for wind noise and proper functionality so we can be certain that everything is working correctly and your car is safe to return to the road.



When reassembly and all tests are completed, your vehicle will visit the wash bay where it is thoroughly detailed so we can return you a clean vehicle.


Final Inspection

At this point in our repair process, your vehicle will be back to pre-accident condition. To ensure that each and every repair to your vehicle has been performed correctly, we perform a final inspection of the entire car.


Your satisfaction, guaranteed!

At Kemna Collision, our staff and technicians take great pride in caring for you and your car to make sure that your vehicle is returned to pre-accident condition. We value the trust and responsibility that’s placed in us to repair each and every vehicle that enters our shop.
Contact the experienced and attentive team at Kemna Collision Repair if your car has suffered damage.

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