10 Steps To Prepare Your Car For Missouri’s Winter


As Missouri residents, we know to expect the worst when it comes to winters in the beloved Show-Me State. The winter season here is  unforgiving and unpredictable. To combat the unexpected weather crisis, it is important for driver safety to have your car prepared to handle the upcoming winter weather challenges. At Kemna Collision, we want the best for our customers to ensure they are safe on the road at all times. We hope to help you prepare your car for winter with these 10 simple steps. 

A Complete Guide On How To Winterize Your Car in Missouri 

Just like humans, our cars have reactions of their own to the cold weather. While our automobiles don’t get goosebumps and shiver, there are internal changes within our car due to the colder temperatures which alter their performance if not dealt with properly. The following is a list of things you can do as a car owner to check up on your car as well as some services we provide.

Check Your Car’s Battery

The cold winter weather causes a chemical reaction within your car which requires your battery to work harder than usual. It takes more battery power to turn on a car engine in the winter due to this chemical reaction. Ultimately, your car’s battery drains faster throughout the winter months. Have a mechanic at Kemna Collision run a quick battery check to make sure it has plenty of power in it to last you through the winter. 

Check Your Tire Pressure

Tire pressure drops along with the temperatures in the winter. Your tires lose around 1psi for every 10 degree drop in temperature. For optimal tire conditions in the winter, regularly fill yours with the proper amount of air. If you are unsure how to fill your tires or how much air is required, drop by our auto shop and we can help you!

Check The Tread On Your Tires 

In order to ensure you won’t lose control on the road, check to see how your tire tread is holding up. The health of your tires is essential to decide how your car will handle icy and slippery road conditions. You want to make sure your tires have enough grip on them so you can safely travel in inclement weather.  Need a new set of tires completely? Not to worry, our auto specialists can help you get squared away with the best tires for your and your car. 

Check Your Four- Wheel Drive

Four wheel drive is a must for winter weather. You want as much traction as possible in undesirable road conditions.

Check Your Windshield Wipers

The risky combination of snow, ice and salt can quickly cause a buildup on your windshield. You want to make sure you have windshield wipers you can rely on in order to help you clearly see the road. This check up includes ensuring you have plenty of wiper fluid to help clear your windshield. 

Check Your Oil 

Your engine won’t run without the proper amount of oil. Winter weather quickly dwindles the effects of oil as it is thickened by the cold air and ultimately slows down its ability to efficiently lubricate your engine. Often times, this is the reason why many drivers can’t get their car to start in the winter. 

Check Your Antifreeze 

Antifreeze is an essential element to a properly winterized car. Not only does it prevent the coolant in your radiator from freezing, but it also prevents engine corrosion and helps transfer heat within your vehicle. 

Create An Emergency Kit 

If you run into trouble while on the road, it is important to have some essentials with you to help you keep safe while you wait for help. Some important items to have in your kit include: reflective triangle, flashlight, jumper cables, ice scraper, tow strap, a shovel, first aid kit as well as food and blankets to keep warm. While this is an added precaution to take, you never know when you or a fellow driver may need it, in which case, you will be grateful to have it readily available. 

Check Your Brakes

Cold weather such as snow and ice make for slippery and dangerous road conditions. Make sure your brakes are working properly to ensure you don’t get into any accidents due to brake failure. 

Schedule Winter Maintenance With Kemna Collision

Schedule an appointment with Kemna to make sure your car is performing at maximum capacity going into the winter months! We can do a quick run through of your car and check off all the above listed items. Winterizing your car with Kemna is a one stop shop as we can complete the entire process in one visit for an affordable price! 

If You Would Like To winterize Your Car With Kemna, Call Us Today


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